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Owned and Operated by 7.8 Billion People



As a Global Human Race & Foundation

We Have a Chance 

To Fix Our Broken People and Our Broken Planet

Divided We Will Fail


we have to CHANGE THE WAY




Money Creation

The Total Number of People Globally
living on $30 Per Day or Less
is 6.5 Billion People

That is 85% of the Global Population

$30 A Day

It is 100 Seconds to Midnight

Human beings can manage the dangers posed by modern technology, even in times of crisis.


But if humanity is to avoid an existential catastrophe, one that would dwarf anything it has yet seen

National leaders must do a far better job of countering disinformation, heeding science, and cooperating to diminish global risks.


100 Seconds

1 in 4 people will be affected by Mental Health or Neurological Disorders at some point in their lives. 

The Global Costs of Mental Illness are Huge. They are estimated to be $6 Trillion by 2030.

This Number is More Than the Combined Costs of Cancer, Diabetes, and Respiratory Ailments.

Mental Health
Club of Rome

Club of Rome
"Limits to Growth" Report 

  1. The global financial system is currently at the service of an outdated economic paradigm

  2. It acts as a means of wealth accumulation for a narrow elite, whilst disregarding the negative externalities of environmental damage and social inequalities. 

  3. A new, sustainable finance system will be a core pillar of a new economy which serves both humanity and the planet.

Almost fifty years have passed since the launch of the “Limits to Growth” report by the Club of Rome. 

Its key message was that a combination of resource depletion and pollution, if unchecked, would ultimately bring the global economy down. This is the situation today.


50 Years

Global Community Foundation

GCF Solutions

ATP Token is a Human Centric Value of Exchange designed to Lift 7.8 Billion People UP to a Socially Inclusive and Base Standard Level of Modestly Comfortable, Safe, Secure and Sustainable Living for all Human Beings on our Planet

The ATP Token is an AI Managed Human Energy and Contribution Value Exchange System developed and programmed around a Socially Inclusive Society and Economy that is powered by the Purest Form of UnCorrupted Competition and Empathetic EcoCapitalism


The ATP Token Whitepaper is 60% completed and will be available to view in November 2023


Life Change Lab is a Personalised, Bespoke and Tailored, AI Managed and Incentivised - Accelerated Learning Program about Learning How to Learn

The objective goal for Life Change Lab is to enable every human on this Planet to upgrade their Personal Learning Capacity by 100% to 500% using a combination of the worlds most advanced  Incentivised Learning, Gamified Learning  Technologies combined with Third Eye Activation Techniques so that each Learner may unlock their Weekly ATP allocation and Natural Genius that sits within every Human on this Planet

The LifeChangeLab Whitepaper is 75% completed and will be available to view in December 2023


5meoHeal is the worlds most Advanced Accelerated Healing Program that has the ability to Lift the Entire Human Race Up to an Elevated State of Being and Mutual Understanding beyond current Human Comprehension 

5meoHeal has the potential to Reverse, Release, Rejuvenate and Repair the Energetic Damage and Trauma that has been caused over the last 200 Years and help to create a Space for the Entire Human Race to Heal and Embrace the Future with a New Found Sense of Hope, Knowledge and newly acquired Profound Wisdom


The 5meo Heal Whitepaper is 50% completed and will be available to view in January 2024

Solutions Text

A World of Infinite Possibilities

The 15-minute Documentary below, provides a Brief Glimpse of what is now possible for the Human Race if we can create the Correct Living Environment and set of Circumstances for Every Human on the Planet

A World of Infinite Possibilities and Abundance awaits our collective decision!

Children learning to Read, Write, Draw and Play BLINDFOLDED 

Infinite World


The Global Community Foundation (GCF) has been created for the Benefit of 7.8 Billion Human Beings and Global Citizens

Each one of the 7.8 Billion Global Citizens shall be provided with a GCF Membership and Voting Share Certificate as well as a GCF Wallet,


Each Global Citizen may claim their GCF Certificate and Weekly GCF Enhanced Living Subsidy, which shall be provided in the form of ATP Tokens to help Lift ALL Global Citizens up to an Equivocal and Global Base Level Income of $/€/£ 1,000 Net per Week per Person    

The Global Community Foundation intends to complete the above, with the Support and Assitance of the Global Community, on a Step by Step and Sensible  basis, using the below Points as the initial starting point for the development of the GCF Global Charter and launch

All of the below is provided for Illustration and Discussion Purposes ONLY

All of the below will be subject to Daily/Weekly/Monthly Change and Improvement, as the Global Community begins to Register and Submit their Ideas and Suggestions for Incorporation into the overall Global Community Foundation Charter  

GCF Charter


Develop a New and Globally Inclusive Money Creation System that fosters a Harmonious Global Existence for All globally


Remove the Daily Stress and Mental Torture that circa 85% of the Global Population have to endure Each Day, Just to Make Ends Meet and Survive


Eliminate all forms of circumstantial and misguided Hatred, Racism, Prejudice, Separatism, Fear and Greed which is a Direct Result and Derivative of the existing Money Scarcity Model and the Fear, Insecurity and Greed that the Money Scarcity Model Produces in every Human Being


Enhance and Upgrade, the Purest form of Uncorrupted Capitalism globally so that Everybody can Benefit Financially and further increase their Standard of Living or Personal Wealth, based on their Physical or Intellectual Contribution to Our Global Society. 


Preserve and Reinforce the Truest form of Democracy globally that has allowed us to advance to this point of development as a Human Race


Reduce the Working Week globally to 4 Hard and Honest Days of Work per Week in our current job roles with 1 Day Allocated for Incentivised  Personal Development Activities of Each Global Citizens choice.


Build, Develop, Create, more Inclusive Digital Governance Systems, whereby the People are more interconnected with the Decision Making Process and have a Greater Say and Digital Voting Input, in the Day to Day running of their Community, County, Country, Continent and Planet


Incentivise Governments, Politicians and State Employees globally with Higher Salaries and Performance Bonuses,

To perform better for their Citizens and Countries and in doing so,

Raise the Standards of Living and Services globally for Every Human Being


Financially, Incentivise Every Human on this Planet, to Look for the Problems and Challenges within their Communities, Counties, Countries and Continents and in doing so, encourage them to Innovate and Provide the Suggestions and Solutions to Fix Our Broken People and Fix Our Broken Planet 


Convert every Broken and Socially Deprived Community in Every City in Every Country, into a Thriving Ecosystem of Abundance, Productivity and Happiness


Create a Globally Acceptable and Inclusive System, whereby

Every Human goes out to Compete for Against Each Other using the Most Intellectually Advanced and Truest form of Inclusive and Empathetic Capitalism to achieve their Results and Financial Gains

Not at the "Expense" of Everybody Else


For the "Benefit" of Everybody Else 


Create more Millionaires, Billionaires and Trillionaires in Every Country around the World, than ever could have been previously Imagined


End all Trade Wars and Physical Wars and Convert Today's War-Torn Regions and Countries, into Tomorrow's 5 Star Luxury Go-To Holiday Destinations


Heal Our People and Our Planet and Help to Extract Everybody Out of the Money Scarcity Model and Psychosis that it has caused, and Transition our Countries and our People into the World of Abundance and Friendship, that Every Human Wants, but until this point, did not know, How to Achieve


Fix, Create, Repair and Leave the Heaven on Earth that our Children, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren Deserve,

Before a Third and Final Nuclear War or Another Global Pandemic 



Charter 1 to 15

Submit Your Ideas

At GCF we believe, that within Every Human sits one or more Incredible Ideas that could help your Community, County, Country and Planet

In order for the Global Community Foundation to be a Truly Global and Inclusive Foundation, we need the participation of each and every person on this Planet, to submit their Ideas and Suggestions so that we can continuously Improve on the GCF Charter and Framework for the Launch and Roll Out of the Global Community Foundation

Feel free to submit your Ideas and Suggestions regardless of the Subject Matter so that we can add them the GCF Database of Incredible Ideas and Suggestions for future reference

Submit Your Idea

Thanks for submitting!

Submit Your Ideas
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